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AARP Participating Law Firm | Madison, WI | Westmont Law Offices | 608-244-9494

Participating Attorneys of the AARP Legal Services Network

Living wills | Madison, WI | Westmont Law Offices, SC | 608-244-9494

Meet our experienced team.

Ruth Westmont

Ruth holds a law degree and a Masters degree in social work from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has a background in family law, real estate, criminal law and civil litigation and has been designated by the AARP to be a part of their panel of recommended attorneys.

Ruth Westmont previously served as the chair of the General Practice Section of the State Bar of Wisconsin, and currently serves as the co-chair of the Membership & Special Events committee of the Dane County Bar Association.


Living wills | Madison, WI | Westmont Law Offices, SC | 608-244-9494

Dobie Gutweiler

Dobie joined the firm in 2008 as a paralegal. She does drafting and research for the office.

In her free time Dobie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, she is the Co-Secretary/Treasurer of the Deansville Horseshoe League and pitches shoes at least twice a week year round.



Jenny started at Westmont Law Offices in the Fall of 2013. She assists the office with shredding responsibilities and is a valued member of the team.


Nancy Varda

Nancy Varda joined Westmont Law Offices after working as a solo practitioner for several years, where she focused her practice on defense against criminal prosecution. Nancy is the third generation in her family to graduate from the UW Law School, and she is admitted to practice in Wisconsin Courts.

Nancy has practiced before circuit courts across Wisconsin. She has won both bench and jury trials. She has obtained relief for clients including acquittals, dismissal of charges, and suppression of evidence.

In her free time Nancy enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter.

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An Important Message to Our Clients and Prospective Clients

You may have noticed the “S.C.” in our firm name. It means Service Corporation, and it indicates that we are a corporation organized under a special part of Wisconsin’s corporation laws for use only by professionals, such as doctors, dentists, accountants, lawyers, and others who provide professional services. A service corporation, like most other corporations, is a “limited liability” entity because its shareholders normally are not personally responsible for the debts and obligations of the corporation.

The corporation is responsible for its debts and obligations, but the shareholders are not – they have “limited liability.” But here are two exceptions to this general rule of limited liability that are unique to service corporations. A shareholder in a service corporation may be held personally responsible for his or her own errors in providing professional services and for the errors of other professionals under his or her direct supervision.

Until recently, shareholders in service corporations could be held personally responsible for all other shareholders, even those who were not under their direct supervision. This was known as “vicarious liability” a recent change in the law has eliminated vicarious liability for shareholders of service corporations. A service corporation is still legally responsible for the errors of its employees, as are shareholders who make errors or directly supervise others who make errors. That part of the law has not changed. Only the vicarious liability was eliminated.

The Supreme Court of Wisconsin, which makes the rules that regulate all lawyers in this state, recently established certain rules for all law firms that are service corporations (and some other kinds of law firms, too). We are pleased to let you know we have complied with all of the rules. These rules include letting you know about the changes in the law we just described to you, registering annually with the State Bar of Wisconsin, maintaining certain minimum levels of insurance to protect clients in case of errors in performing legal services, and having the firm name reflect that it is a “limited liability” entity. We have long maintained much more than the minimum insurance levels required by the new rule, so we have had to make no change in comply. And because we already have “S.C.” in our firm name, we will not have to change that, either.

At Westmont Law Offices, S.C. we are committed to proving you with high quality, professional service. The recent change in the law, and the new Supreme Court Rule, will not change our commitment to that goal or the way we serve your needs. For us, our high quality service remains unchanged.

Please feel free to ask any of the lawyers in the firm you regularly deal with if there is anything in this notice you do not understand. 

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