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Considering divorce or even knowing that your marriage has ended, is a hard time that is accompanied by hard decisions. Even if you are the one who wants the divorce, you may find yourself feeling sad, lost, and anxious about the break down of your family dynamic. Westmont Law Offices, S.C. understands this.

Expectations of Divorce

At the center of every divorce, there are four main areas addressed:

Don’t go into it expecting you are going to “win.” There is never a true winner. You’ll want to consider the consequences of a full-blown court battle before you go down that path, especially when children are involved. Realize that if you are going to battle it out in court, it can be very expensive; even simple matters may require multiple court days in court to resolve, and you could still be left with the uncertainty of how the judge will rule.

We can help you through all of these areas and make sure you are heard.

Different methods of divorce

This is when you and your spouse can agree on many issues. We are legal mediators and we are trained to help you and your spouse find common ground. We will keep everything clear and fair. We will explain things at each step so you understand and can make informed decisions. We understand complex financial matters and parenting issues.

Collaborative Divorce
If you and your spouse are having troubles agreeing on many issues, or you feel that one of you may not be heard, a collaborative divorce can help. Each party hires their own attorney, All four of you will meet and work on an agreement for all issues with the goal of coming to a settlement outside of court.

There are times when litigation is needed. An example would be if your spouse is abusive to you or your child, you may have to file a request for a protective order. If you need immediate financial assistance from your spouse, you may have to ask the judge to award you temporary child support and/or alimony.

We can help determine which method is best for you.

How divorce will affect your finances

Wisconsin is a community property state, meaning that all assets are subject to a 50/50 split, unless you have a prenup. This would include your business, interest income, stock dividends, capital gains, retirement accounts, property obtained while married, etc.

Many expenses that were shared in the marriage, will now be your responsibility, such as your child’s schooling, house, car mortgage, etc. These new financial responsibilities can eat up your savings fast.

Your credit score maybe at risk.

We can help advise, prepare, and protect your finances.

How divorce can affect you

During a divorce, you will have to make many life-changing decisions. You may have to choose if you are going to sell your house or not. Try not to make a quick decision thinking it will make the divorce go quicker. It’s very important that you consider all outcomes.

Everyone’s divorce is different and your friends will try and help you by giving advice. While they describe the steps in their divorce that was the best for them, it may not be best for you. Your attorney knows the specifics of your case and you can rely on their advice.

We will look out for your best interests at all times.

How divorce will affect your children

You’re getting divorced but your kids aren’t. Unfortunately, many times the kids can get caught in the cross-fire. Try to remember that your kids love you both and this is very hard on them.

Here are some articles that will help you understand the impact of divorce on your children: