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There are many reasons that guardianship may be needed. From a child whose parent is unable to care for them, to an adult who is disabled or aging and not able to care for themself, Westmont Law Offices, S.C. has the experience and knowledge of family law to deal with all the complicated areas that guardianship can present.

What Guardianship Can Do

Guardianship allows a person to make decisions for another, whether that person is a minor or an adult. Due to its importance, guardians are appointed by the court.

Types of Guardianship

In Wisconsin, there are two types of Guardianship:

Guardianship of the Estate means that you will be managing someone's financial affairs. Guardianship of the Person means that you will be managing the day-to-day decisions, healthcare, schooling, etc., of that person.

Parents and Guardianship

If you are a parent of a child who has disabilities, as soon as that child turns 18, they are legally an adult. Parents no longer have access to their child's medical records or have the ability to make decisions for them. At that time, if you want to continue to care for your adult child, you will have to obtain guardianship.

Someone Challenges the Guardianship

If someone decides they want to be your loved one's guardian instead, the issue will be settled by a judge. A guardian ad litem will be appointed and will conduct interviews. Court date(s) will be set by the court and the judge will make the final decision.

If needed, we can go to trial, we have strong background in family law and will always do what is best.